10 Days of Gifting: American Airlines Giveaway Rules

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Dec 16, 2015

American Airlines Travel Certificates – Terms & Conditions 

  1. Procedures for requesting Travel Authorization Certificates (each a Travel Certificate”) will be provided to Organization or recipient upon receipt of the signed Agreement. Travel Certificates have no value except when redeemed in accordance with the terms and conditions listed below. Travel Certificates are not transferable or refundable.
  2. Travel Certificates are subject to availability of promotional inventories and current embargoed dates. Coach must be booked in “T” class, Business in “U” class and First in “Z” class. No open Travel Certificates are permitted. Embargoed dates may apply.
  3. Travel Certificates cannot be bartered or sold for cash, or in lieu of cash payment.
  4. Travel Certificates must be issued by the American Airlines Ticket Redemption Center at 1-800-727-2142. Travel agencies cannot issue Travel Certificates.
  5. Any applicable fees, taxes, surcharges, service charges or passenger facility charges are the responsibility of the user and must be paid at the time the Travel Certificate is issued. Taxes shall include all federal, state, local and foreign taxes of any kind, and whether assessed for winning or otherwise coming into receipt of the Travel Certificates, or in relation to use of the Travel Certificates.
  6. If Travel Certificates are provided for fund-raising, the fund-raising activity cannot be conducted by or in connection with a 3rd party (including, but not limited to the offering of Travel Awards on public auction web sites); provided nothing herein shall prevent the use of a 3rd party administrative entity such as may be available to charitable organizations in the conduct of a promotion.
  7. Minors who are recipients of Travel Certificates must be accompanied on all flights by a parent or guardian.
  8. Travel Certificates are valid for travel only on American Airlines, American Eagle Airlines, Inc., or the American Connection® carrier (collectively referred to in this Exhibit B as “American Airlines”).  American Eagle® service is operated by American Eagle Airlines, Inc., SkyWest Airlines, Inc., ExpressJet Airlines, Inc., or Republic Airline Inc.  The American Connection® service is operated by Chautauqua Airlines, Inc.  Travel is not valid on flights operated under a code sharing agreement with other air carriers.
  9. Travel must be via the most direct American Airlines routing. Unnecessary and circuitous routings, connecting points and/or segments are prohibited. Stopovers, except for the next connecting flight, are not permitted.
  10. American Airlines is not responsible for, and will not pay, expenses associated with transportation on other carriers, ground transportation, excess baggage charges or overnight lodging, if required.
  11. If American Airlines, for any reason, discontinues service to the selected destination before the travel date, the user must select an alternate American Airlines destination.
  12. After a Ticket has been issued from a Travel Certificate, an administrative service charge of $100.00 will be assessed for any change requiring reticketing, such as a change of origin or destination.  Changes requiring reticketing must have prior approval of ticket authorizer.
  13. After a Ticket has been issued from a Travel Certificate, an administrative service charge of $25.00 will be assessed for any changes regarding a date or time. Changes requiring reticketing must have prior approval of ticket authorizer.
  14. After a Ticket has been issued from a Travel Certificate, Customer must contact the Ticket Redemption Center or Reservations prior to flight if they plan on canceling their ticketed reservation.  In the event Customer fails to contact an American Airlines representative through the Ticket Redemption Center or Reservations, the ticket will default to a No-Show, and an administrative service charge of $50.00 (Coach Class) $75.00 (Business Class) or $100.00 (First Class) will be assessed to reinstate the reservation.
  15. Unused Travel Certificates may be used at a later date (valid until travel expiration of this contract), subject to a ticket reissue fee. Travel Certificates that are not used by the expiration date of the contract will not be extended. Credit will not be given for unused Travel Certificates.
  16. Lost or stolen Travel Certificates will not be replaced.
  17. Passengers are not eligible for AADVANTAGE® mileage credit or any other promotional benefit that American may offer. AADVANTAGE® miles and/or stickers cannot be used to upgrade.
  18. Purchased upgrades are permitted by paying the difference between the full fare for the authorized class of service and the next class of service. Paid upgrades are only allowed for next cabin. Two cabin upgrades will not be processed. Processing of purchased upgrades will be handled when redeeming certificate through our Ticket Redemption Center and may not be handled at airport ticket counters. Processing time is a minimum of 48 hours based on hours of operation of Ticket Redemption Center.
  19. Domestic travel is subject to American Airlines’ CONDITIONS OF CARRIAGE, as may be amended from time to time.  International travel is regulated by the WARSAW CONVENTION, as amended, or the MONTREAL CONVENTION OF 1999, as applicable, and by applicable Tariffs.  The Conditions of Carriage and Tariffs may be found on Com.

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