Meet the Black Opry Revue’s Rising Stars

Meet the Black Opry Revue’s Rising Stars
Feb 01, 2024

Wolf Trap is thrilled to debut Black Opry Revue on March 29 at The Barns, featuring a genre-bending group of musicians including Sug Daniels, Roberta Lea, Tylar Bryant, Rachel Maxann, and Grace Givertz. With a stunning blend of modern and traditional country, folk, and Americana, each artist will showcase their music during an intimate, compelling concert you’re sure to remember.

What is the Black Opry?

Founder Holly G. established the Black Opry to boost representation of Black artists in country, Americana, and folk music. The Black Opry has quickly grown to enact change by promoting diverse, emerging artists and providing creative opportunities for the industry’s professionals of color. The Black Opry Revue tour is the organization’s largest undertaking yet, highlighting its talented artists across the country with unique lineups for each show.

Meet the Artists

Sug Daniels

Philadelphia-based singer/songwriter and producer Sug Daniels combines elements of folk, R&B, low-fi, and soul to create a colorful blend of vibey and imaginative music. Her storytelling, vulnerable and authentic lyrics, and strong ukulele skills bring her music to life. Daniels was featured on World Cafe Live with the Black Opry Revue in 2022. Check out her performance of “Heavy” on World Cafe Live here:

Roberta Lea

Roberta Lea is one of Virginia’s own! Hailing from Hampton Roads, Lea’s warm and full-bodied voice leaves audiences wanting more. Lea began her music career at age 35, which may seem like a late start to some, but her songs are filled with an energy that could only be expressed by someone who has taken in the joys of life! She is also making an impact on her community as a Coastal Virginia Wolf Trap Teaching Artist. In September 2023, she released her debut album Too Much of a Woman, featuring a single with the same name. In the song, Lea sings of inner strength and refusing to make herself small to appease those around her. Give it a listen here:

Tylar Bryant

Tylar Bryant, a Texas native, excels in a traditional country sound while incorporating elements of R&B and rock. He captures audiences through exquisite storytelling, bringing listeners on his journey through love and heartbreak. Bryant was one of the 2023 WXPN Black Opry Residency Artists, a select group of musicians who participated in a week-long creative residency in Philadelphia and showcased their material on NPR Music Live. He recently had his work featured alongside the Black Opry Revue in the “American Currents” exhibit at the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville. Check out his most recent single, “That Ain’t Me,” below:

Rachel Maxann

Based in Memphis, TN, singer/songwriter Rachel Maxann presents a folk-forward blend of soul, R&B, and indie rock. She has a long performance history, from prestigious cruise contracts and festivals across the country to now touring as an artist with the Black Opry Revue. In June 2023, Maxann released her sophomore album Black Fae, featuring her raw, soulful voice accompanied by stunning strings, piano, and guitar. Her music translates seamlessly to live settings, like this electrifying performance of her song “Drinking.”

Grace Givertz

Grace Givertz is a Boston-based singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Also a WXPN Black Opry Residency Artist, she writes openly about her life, producing honest, powerfully vulnerable, and genuine lyrics. Her folksy, indie sound and beautifully stripped-down production gives the intimate sense that you’re the only one in the room while she sings. Having opened for artists Lucy Dacus, Neyla Pekarek (The Lumineers), John Paul White (The Civil Wars), and Erin Rae, Givertz is sure to dazzle on stage as a seasoned live performer. On her 2019 album, Year of the Horse, you can hear Givertz not only sing, but play guitar, banjo, mandolin, and harmonica. Enjoy this acoustic, live performance of her song “Elephant in the Room.”

Get your tickets now to see Black Opry Revue at The Barns at Wolf Trap on March 29!

The Black Opry is a fast-growing organization that seeks to create equity and opportunities for Black artists working the country, Americana, folk, and roots music industries.