New Year’s Resolutions for Music Lovers

New Year’s Resolutions for Music Lovers
Nov 28, 2023

Whether you revel in discovering new artists, thrive on the energy of live performances, or just want to enhance your concert experiences, here are music-inspired New Year’s resolutions to add to your 2024 bucket list.

1) Start a “Concert Discovery” Club

Dive into the thrill of live music by spearheading a concert discovery club with friends. Share standout performances, plan concert outings together, and expand your musical horizons. Who knows? The artists you discover might become your next live music obsession!

2) Curate a Concert Wardrobe

Make dressing for a concert a part of the fun! Create a concert wardrobe with unique and comfortable outfits that reflect your musical style. Finding your best fit enhances your own experience and adds to the vibe of the show.

3) Create Epic Concert Playlists

Relive the magic of past concerts by creating playlists with songs from your favorite live performances. Whether it’s the encore that gave you chills or a surprise cover that stole the show, let these playlists transport you back to the electric atmosphere of live music.

4) Explore New Genres Live

Step out of your comfort zone and explore new genres. Whether it’s opera, jazz, ballet, go-go, or something else, the live version may surprise you and broaden your appreciation for diverse musical styles.

5) Relive Your Concert Memories

Document your concert moments and start a scrapbook, create a digital photo album, or even compile video snippets. These mementos will be a treasure trove of memories and a fantastic way to share your concert journey with friends and family.

6) Support Emerging Artists

Catch the opening acts at your next show, use the “discover” tab on your streaming service, and contribute to the growth of the music community. Your support can make a significant impact on the careers of promising musicians.

7) Give the Gift of Music

The holidays may be over, but there’s always a reason to celebrate! This year, commit to giving live performances, gift cards to your favorite venue, or even inviting a friend or two along when you purchase tickets to your next show. 

Remember, 2024 is a brand-new year to immerse yourself in live music. Share your concert resolutions with us on social media and make it a year to remember!