10 New Year’s Resolutions for the Music Lover

10 New Year’s Resolutions for the Music Lover
Dec 11, 2018


Get out of your comfort zone

Discover new artists, new songs, and new genres! Venture out of your comfort zone and start experimenting with music. Plus, you may discover a talented, unknown artist before they get big.


Use music to motivate you

Whether you’ve decided to take on a new exercise regime in 2019 or just need motivation to get through the last chapter in your textbook, load up your favorite songs and let them give you the extra push you need to get the job done!


Stop dreaming… start doing!

There’s something inexplicable about live music. Make it your resolution to see as many performances as possible!



Sign up for mailing lists

The best way to prepare for an upcoming show is to be in the know–take advantage of artist and venue email lists!


Share the musical gift

Giving the gift of music can be a life-changer! Next time you’re grabbing tickets to a show, select an extra ticket or two and invite a friend along. You’ll create new memories and help support your favorite artist with a potential new fan.


Get there early

There’s something to be said about being prepared for a show. Get there early, grab your snacks, and listen to the opening act.


Get social

How was your experience? Did you enjoy the venue? Like, comment, review, and share!


Upgrade your musical equipment!

Perhaps you’ve been eyeing a new instrument or recording device. Now is the time to invest in you!


Live in the moment

We love seeing photos and videos from your show at Wolf Trap, but don’t forget to put the phone down and take in the live performance!



Say “Thank You!”

Be sure to thank the artists for putting on an incredible show! Getting a “thank you” often means the world to artists and lets them know that their performance touched you. It’s an easy but extremely impactful way to give back for an epic night of music.