Wolfie in the Off-Season

Wolfie in the Off-Season
Feb 02, 2018

Ever wonder what goes on at Wolf Trap in the winter? While our favorite time is always the warm months of summer, the rest of the year is filled with shows at The Barns, education programs, summer preparations, and a little laughter. We thought it was about time we highlighted one employee whose energy never stops—Wolfie!

Here’s a look at how Wolfie spends his day in the off-season:


Wolfie gets coffeeThere’s nothing like a little caffeine to get you ready for the day! Wolfie kicks off his morning with a strong cup of coffee to keep him energized for planning new shows. On cold days, Wolfie likes to switch it up with a warm mug of hot chocolate.


Wolfie answers phone

Next up, Wolfie takes over the front desk and answers questions. He loves talking with patrons and hearing which shows they are excited to see.




Wolfie plays ping pong

During his lunch break, Wolfie makes sure to get in a few ping pong matches every day so he’ll be in top dancing shape for energetic shows like Charlie Puth, Queen Latifah and Common, Roger Daltrey, and Reba McEntire.



Wolfie drawsIn the afternoon, Wolfie gets back to work and brushes up on his drawing skills for creating masterpieces on the giant chalkboard outside the Filene Center. He is always excited to see the remarkable chalk designs and messages our patrons leave during shows.





Wolfie takes a selfieFinally, Wolfie practices taking selfies in preparation for many more photos with Wolf Trap visitors. Wolfie is excited to make an appearance on February 17 at the Filene Center when tickets go on sale to the public, so stop by for a Wolfie selfie!



Summer 2018 shows have just been announced and tickets go on sale to the public on February 17! Follow along with Wolfie’s latest adventures and see more Wolf Trap updates by following @Wolf_Trap on Instagram.