The Art of a Perfect Picnic

The Art of a Perfect Picnic
Jul 18, 2017

Putting together a pre-show picnic can be half the fun of attending a show at Wolf Trap – just look at some of the spreads our fans have put together! There is no wrong way to pack a picnic, from the quick grab-and-go section at the grocery store, to meticulously planning a menu that goes with the theme of the show – our patrons have done it all. Get inspired and learn some pro tips from these picnics shared by our followers on Instagram:

Pro Tip: From traditional picnic fare to sushi and tea sandwiches, anything goes!  At Wolf Trap, you can bring-your-own food and drink to the park.

The people in front of us ate solid! Next time we are bringing a banquet.

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Picnic at Wolftrap!! 🍹🍻🍷 #disneyinconcert #picnic #homemadefood

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Wolf Trap National Park ✔️

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Pro-Tip: Don’t forget about your refreshments! From wine and craft beers, to specialty cocktails – let your drinks be the main act.

Getting ready for Lindsey Buckingham and Christine McVie!

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Aslin + RAR makes for a great start to the evening. #drinklocal #craftbeer

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How do you prepare for @PinkMartiniBand? With pink martinis, of course!

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**Reminder: Picnicking before the show but have seats inside? Grab a Pavilion Cup from concessions to bring your drinks inside!

Pro-Tip: Picnic accessories are almost as important as food. Don’t forget your blankets, coolers, baskets, wine holders, corkscrews, cheeseboards, tables, and more.

Praise be #roséseason #muga

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And so begins my summer at @wolf_trap! 🎶🌲First show of the season, the dazzling #BernadettePeters! ✨💫 #LetsPicnic #Wolftrap #SummerFun #ViennaVA

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Annual trip to Wolf Trap to use my wine holders from @jeremyapearce

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1st Shoe Cocktail of the season…#wolftrap #stpaulandthebrokenbones

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Don’t have the drink holder stakes yet? Pro-tip: a shoe can double as a drink holder!

This is how you #picnic! #picnicpic #concert #vitaminsea #snacksfordays @meaganhalpern @aimnic @alexyerg

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What are your picnic tips and tricks? Share your picnics with us on social media – tag us @Wolf_Trap on Twitter and Instagram, and use #WolfTrap!


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