How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions
Dec 14, 2016

Now that it’s 2017, it’s time to kick start your New Year’s Resolutions! Read on to learn how Wolf Trap can help you stick to your goals!

Get healthy

Lose weight. Be more active. There’s a reason these goals are a regular New Year’s resolution—but let’s face it, they’re hard to stick to. For a jolt of inspiration, go outside and hike the trails of Wolf Trap National Park – open year-round! Unlike the gym, admission to the Park is free and your surroundings are naturally beautiful—which also helps lower stress!

When there is snow on the ground, grab your gear and bring your kids to sled on our famous Wolf Trap hill. When summer rolls around, get ready to dance the night away (and burn a few calories!) while listening to your favorite shows under the stars.

Spend more time with loved ones

Work, school, and life obligations tend to get in the way of what’s really important—spending time with our loved ones! But how do you make sure your plans with family and friends happen? Simple—set a date! Don’t know where to start? Check out the concert schedule to see when your favorite artists are coming. Or, choose an artist you’re less familiar with and discover something new together!

Planning ahead? Wolf Trap’s summer shows will be announced beginning in March, with shows starting in May. But you don’t have to wait until summer – The Barns at Wolf Trap offers performances year-round, and the yummy full menu gives you a great chance for dinner and a show.

Learn something new

Want to learn to sing or play a new instrument? Wolf Trap’s private lessons are an excellent place to start, with classes in piano, guitar, and voice. No matter how much experience you have, Wolf Trap’s professional instructors will work with you on your unique goals. Working with an instructor also means you’ll have someone to hold you accountable for practicing, which means you’re more likely to stick to your resolution!

Give back to the community

Want to give young learners the gift of education? What if you could help them develop language, literacy, and even math skills using the arts? What if you could give college students the competitive job training they need to succeed? At Wolf Trap, you can do all these—and more! When you buy a performance ticket, become a Wolf Trap member, or volunteer at the Park, you help extend the Wolf Trap experience to hundreds of thousands of people each year, and support arts and education programs that benefit arts lovers of every age.