Elevated Experiences at The Barns

Elevated Experiences at The Barns
Nov 03, 2016

New artists and fan favorites aren’t the only things Wolf Trap fans can look forward to at The Barns this season. The 300-year-old space features new updates that respect its historic charm while adding a fresh feel and creating more opportunities for patrons to have a great night out.

Lights Up! 

First up, new lighting can be found throughout – the lobby features new sconces and gorgeous new chandeliers hang overhead in the bar and lounge.

“The new lighting adds a soft, warm feel to the rustic charm of The Barns. In the English Barn (the bar), it accentuates the beautiful construction of this 18th century barn,” says Garry J. Sikora, House Manager. “The stunning and peaceful atmosphere is a welcome addition to the many things that make attending a performance at The Barns memorable.”

Chaise Lounge - October 14, 2016
Take a Seat

The lobby and bar feature new mahogany tables and chairs. The dark wood adds to the restaurant-style of the English Barn, and the new chairs offer a sleek aesthetic and a comfortable seat to the many patrons who come early to enjoy a drink or meal before the show.

Chaise Lounge - October 14, 2016

These additions also significantly increase the seating capacity, which means that more patrons can enjoy the casual ambiance and delicious dishes offered on the menu before the show!

Step Right Up to the Bar

Chaise Lounge - October 14, 2016

Don’t forget to look up! The new HD digital menu featured in the English Barn may be the most noticeable change this season. The menu displays the entire range of dishes and drinks offered, shown on a 75 inch, high-definition screen. P.S. Next time you visit the Barns for a show, be sure to check out some of the new offerings on the updated menu!

Lights, Camera, Action! 


Inside the German Barn, there are 28 new intelligent lighting fixtures. They’re fully networked, conform to industry standards, and run off a state-of-the-art ETC board. Focus, color, and shape are all computer- controlled. “Everything you do as a technician and designer should always support the performance,” Grimes says. “When we have artists in the building, we’ll do something a little more…artful.”

Stay tuned for more updates on The Barns and our 2016-2017 lineup, and check out the schedule here to view the current schedule and purchase tickets.


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