An Attitude of Gratitude

An Attitude of Gratitude
Dec 09, 2015

We have the attitude of gratitude! Here’s to some of the amazing people who, through their support, talents, and endless enthusiasm, make Wolf Trap possible. We asked them: What does Wolf Trap mean to you?


“There are several reasons why I love Wolf Trap. The Filene Center, The Barns, and Children’s Theatre-in-the Woods are beautiful venues and provide an awesome experience. The schedules always provide shows that appeal to everyone. We have been pleasantly surprised to attend shows that we are not familiar with and end up as new fans. I also love to volunteer at Wolf Trap. Everyone is friendly and very appreciative of our assistance and make us feel a part of the organization. I feel very lucky that we live close and can take advantage of many of the activities at Wolf Trap.”

-Carol Montgomery, Member (donor) since 1995; volunteer since 2004


“Being a Filene Young Artist at Wolf Trap Opera allowed me to have a place to learn and grow as an artist. My colleagues and I were able to push ourselves out of our comfort zones in an environment that was incredibly supportive, while still demanding and encouraging the highest level of artistry and performance.”

-Jenni Bank, mezzo-soprano (2015)

03182015_Baby Artsplay-86

“I support Wolf Trap because it really has something for my entire family … but I love Wolf Trap because the organization does so much to better several communities. Wolf Trap’s education programs help children in classrooms around the country…at the same time the on-site ArtsPlay activities have brought so much joy to local children (mine included).”

-Yuctan Hodge, Member since 2003 & Associates Board


“Wolf Trap changed my life. Being a part of Wolf Trap Opera is like being in a fraternity of excellence; it’s astounding how many colleagues I meet who are proud alumni of WTO.”

-Craig Colclough, Filene Young Artist, San Francisco Opera & LA Opera (2012)

Lawn shot

“Where can you go to hear the National Symphony Orchestra play Beethoven’s Ninth one night, ZZ Top the next and a Night of Hawaiian music the next? A night or day at Wolf Trap doesn’t mean just going to a concert or play…it’s an event at one of the most beautiful venues in the world.

The atmosphere of Wolf Trap venues is fantastically unique.  The beauty and acoustics of the Filene Center are elements of every event.   The intimacy, “inside seating” and the relaxed “soak it all in” feeling of laying out on the lawn provide perfect options for any fan.

The Barns…A 382-seat jewel…in a barn…it’s the closest a person finds to a professional venue that makes it feel that you’re attending a performance in your living room.  If you are a fan of music/theatre/opera/comedy but have cut performances out of your life because of hassles…go to one show at The Barns.  Your spirit will be renewed.

It’s an amazing organization and one that I’m proud to support and proud to be an active member.  It’s not just a donation I make.  The most valuable ticket I receive each year is the one that makes me part of the Wolf Trap family.”

-Stew Mones, Member since 2001


“Volunteering at Wolf Trap has been a very special experience. It has given us the opportunity to develop great new friendships, participate in the success of Wolf Trap events and show our support for the Foundation’s exceptional Arts in Education programs that help children across the country.”

-Tom and Lee Ann McGee, Members & Volunteers since 2004