Words of Wisdom: Insider Advice

Words of Wisdom: Insider Advice
Jun 25, 2015

Whether this is your first summer at Wolf Trap, or you and your family been enjoying summers under the stars at the Filene Center for decades, the Wolf Trap team wants to make sure you have all the tips and tricks you need to have the smoothest, most enjoyable experience possible this season. Wolf Trap Foundation staff are sharing their best insider tips and tricks, from must-haves in your summer picnic bag, to the best items at concessions, to tried and true rain contingency plans.

1.) If you could offer one piece of advice to someone who has never experienced a summer at Wolf Trap, what would it be?

  • “Don’t just assume that you don’t like or won’t enjoy a particular artist. See as many shows as you possibly can. No experience is wasted.”
  • “Participate in lawn rush, when the gates open 90 minutes before a show starts – you get a great spot on the lawn to watch the show, and it’s part of the Wolf Trap experience.”
  • “At Filene Center shows, make sure you have at least one ‘mule’ and one ‘antelope’: the ‘mule’ carries the stuff and moves slowly while the ‘antelope’ sprints and stakes out a great spot on the lawn.”
  • “Learn the burrito technique (i.e., sit on the front half of your tarp, and use the back half to cover your heads) when it rains!”
  • “Know which fabrics breathe well, are comfy to wear outside in the heat, and hide sweat!”

2.) What do you most look forward to in the summer at Wolf Trap?

  • “The people! Patrons, donors, artists, new and returning seasonal staff – we’re surrounded by good folks!”
  • “Just being back at the park. There’s a lot of energy throughout the park on the day of a show that’s contagious.”
  • “Seeing everyone out on the lawn, both my colleagues and the patrons. It’s amazing to people watch and see how happy everyone is.”
  • “People watching during performances/events.”
  • “Going to new shows that I might not normally go to. Sometimes the shows that you don’t think you will like will really surprise you – I didn’t think I would like The Lord of the Rings with the live orchestra at all, since I’m not a big LOTR fan, but I loved it and it was one of my favorite shows I went to that summer!”

3.) Any other advice you’d like to offer?

  • “Pay attention to the support acts. Often they blow up and get really popular not long after performing here. For example, The Lumineers.”
  • “The soft serve frozen yogurt from concessions is the best dinner ever on a hot night.”
  • “Be flexible, and don’t be afraid to buy a last-minute ticket to a show on a beautiful night. On that note, keep a go-bag handy with some essentials for a night on the lawn, in case spontaneity strikes.”
  • “If you’re hungry after a show, head into town and go to Amphora. It’s the only 24-hour place nearby.”
  • “When setting up on the lawn, leave a bit of room between your blanket and your neighbors’ blankets, to traverse the ‘rows’ of blankets more easily.”
  • “No matter how hot, don’t leave your car windows open – July’s daily 3pm deluge will SOAK the inside of your car! (Follow up point: always have rain gear close by!)”
  • “Don’t let a little rain dampen your spirits… some of my best memories of the past 20 summers involve incredibly wet jeans, burrito wrapping in a huge tarp, and hysterical laughing. Be sure to invite friends who can laugh with you.”

If you’re new to Wolf Trap this year, read more about planning your visit, including frequently asked questions, directions, and a map of the grounds to help get you oriented. See you this summer!